Laura's Love Story is the true account of two young people who lived through the most trying troubles to form the most lasting love. Their love story spans the time from the single shot musket to the atomic bomb, but that love story is timeless and forever inspiring. 

Better than fiction, truer than life, this is the love story that put the jollity in Laura's stories and is the final happy ending to her Little House® books. 

Laura's Love Story is a quick and easy read that is inspiring for both adults and young readers.  

Dan L. White, who lives in Laura's Rocky Ridge farm area, also wrote these books about Laura Ingalls: 
* Laura Ingalls' Friends Remember Her: Memories from Laura's Ozarks Home. 
* Devotionals with Laura: Laura Ingalls' Favorite Bible Selections, What they meant in her life; What they might mean in yours.

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